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SkyRAN - fronthaul remote access and monitoring solution

Scalable solution for real-time, on-demand testing and 24/7 monitoring of the radio frequency (RF) spectrum and optical fiber networks

If there’s any RF interference, SkyRAN will see it.

Remotely monitor and troubleshoot RF interference issues–from your desk, and before they impact subscribers.

Key features

Identify any type of RF interference and PIM issues with OpticalRF—industry’s most powerful real-time, highest resolution RF spectrum analysis over CPRI

Modular, flexible and scalable solution that includes centralized fiber characterization through patented OTDR/iOLM technology, dual port RF monitoring, macro and C-RAN optical switch expansion, automatic PIM detection and CPRI rates up to option 7 (9.8 Gbit/s)

Future-proof to support higher CPRI rates and next-generation fronthaul interface (NGFI) protocols

Best-in-class fiber monitoring solution with patented OTDR/iOLM and Link-Aware technology

Ideal for today’s macro cell sites with compact 1U rackmount chassis and scalable to address tomorrow’s C-RAN hubs

Server-based solution that delivers network-wide visibility of the mobile spectrum. SkyRAN identifies RF interference patterns and sources to detect and solve RF interference and PIM issues proactively


Macro cell sites with a smaller number of fronthaul fiber links

Distributed antenna systems (DAS) with a high count of fronthaul fiber links

Centralized radio access network (C-RAN) with a high count of fronthaul fiber links


A new way forward

The evolution of fronthaul networks towards a C-RAN architecture, the introduction of 5G technology and new RF bands will increase the number of remote radio heads (RRH) being deployed. EXFO’s SkyRAN solution is designed to meet today’s and tomorrow’s fronthaul network challenges. It provides fast, easy access to the status of the fiber optic infrastructure and of the RF spectrum, at any time, and from anywhere. Its industry-leading resolution and accuracy allow users to pinpoint and troubleshoot problems from their desks, eliminating unnecessary on-site visits.

Take off the blindfold and see the real picture

Interference and PIM issues are costlier than you think

Is your investment cost-optimized and future-proof?

Thanks to its unique modular features and high-performance platform, SkyRAN meets today’s needs and has the flexibility to evolve with tomorrow’s RAN requirements, without the costly replacement of equipment. Testing capabilities and optical switches can be easily extended as the number of cell sites grow.

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