Equotip Live Leeb D portable wireless metal hardness tester

The most intuitive portable Leeb hardness tester

With the wireless Equotip Live Leeb D impact device and the intuitive Equotip App you are able to measure and collect data in any hardness scale. Global transfer of data is enabled through an auto-sync feature – and reports can be shared via email and other channels. Features include a secure web platform – live.proceq.com – centralized report template and profile management, along with full data traceability, logbooks and continuous cloud backup to prevent data loss. Equotip Live ownership is offered for an initial set-up contribution and a small monthly fee – this preserves business capital while allowing precise cash flow management.

Clean user-interface and logbook for full data traceability

Hassle-free reporting of your portable metal hardness measurements

  • Conduct portable Leeb hardness tests with your Apple Watch
  • Measure, sync and report your metal hardness test results within seconds
  • Share your measurements with your remote team members over our secure cloud
  • Export customized reports as a CSV or PDF file while on the go

Digital High-Tech

  1. Mounting ring for easy and secure carrying
  2. Innovative loading grip for safe operation
  3. Multi-color LED ring with status indication
  4. USB connector for charging and firmware updates
  5. Removable Bluetooth module
  6. AAA battery compartment 


Your Benefits
Wireless impact device and clean user-interface  Wireless impact device and clean user-interface
Easily share your measurements and reports in real-time worldwide  Easily share your measurements and reports in real-time worldwide
Logbook for full data traceability and to add media  Logbook for full data traceability and to add media
Native Scale


Measuring Range

150 – 950 HL

Measuring Accuracy

± 4 HL (0.5% at 800 HL)

Available Scales


Available Probes

Leeb D

Average Roughness Ra (µm / µinch)

2 / 80

Minimum Mass (kg / lbs)

0.05 / 0.2

Minimum Thickness (mm / inch)

3 / 0.12



Instrument Firmware
  • iOS app including free updates (visit live.proceq.com for compatibility information)
  • Hotspots with predefined shortcuts
  • Audio output of readings allow to keep mobile in the pocket
  • On-screen guides
  • Automatic compensation for impact direction
  • Verification and calibration information for higher reliability
PC Software

Webbrowser-based Equotip Live solution


Any iOS device (not included in the delivery)


Memory of iOS device


USB for charging and updates


  •  ASTM A 956
  •  ASTM E 140
  •  ASTM A 370
  •  ISO 16859
  •  JB/T 9378
  •  GB/T 17394
  •  DIN 50156
  •  ASME CRTD-91
  •  DGZfP Guideline MC 1
  •  VDI / VDE Guideline 2616 Paper 1
  •  Nordtest Technical Reports 424-1, 424-2, 424-3
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