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Classic masterpiece

Signal Fire AI-7/8 use the latest core alignment technology with auto focus and six motors, it is a new generation of fiber fusion splicer. It is fully qualified with 100 km trunk construction, FTTH project, security monitoring and other fiber cable splicing projects. The machine uses industrial quad-core CPU, fast response, is currently one of the fastest fiber splicing machine in the market; with 5-inch 800X480 high-resolution screen, the operation is simple and intuitively; and up to 300 times focus magnifications, making it is very easy to observe the fiber with naked eyes. 6 seconds speed core alignment splicing, 15 seconds heating, the working efficiency increased by 50% compared to ordinary splicing machines. Large capacity lithium battery, fully charged state can splice & heat 240 fibers, also the splicer machine can charge the phone, to solve your trouble when your phone has no power at outdoor working. Under the conditions of rigorous testing, the performance is still outstanding; toolbox is small, exquisite, durable, and with unique bench design. The design of operating platform reflects the humanistic care; unique lighting design, it is convenient for night construction or repair. Screen brightness is adjustable and it is convenient for outdoor sunshine environment operation. The core parts are using imported brands, aviation metal body material with exquisite details. With the combination of advanced technology and design, the new generation of optical fiber fusion splicer will bring you a reliable and comfortable user experience.


AI-8 fusion splicer serat optik menggunakan teknologi proses gambar berkecepatan tinggi dan teknologi orientasi khusus, sehingga seluruh proses fusi serat dapat diselesaikan dalam 10 detik secara otomatis.

Perhatian! Secara default, perangkat dikonfigurasi dalam mode otomatis. Dalam banyak kasus, pengaturan apa pun dari pengaturan default tidak diperlukan. Tidak ada kalibrasi yang diperlukan – itu harus dilakukan hanya jika ada masalah dengan mendapatkan sambungan yang benar. Tersedia dalam aplikasi Google Play dan AppStore diperlukan, misalnya, untuk mengubah program penyambungan standar atau kalibrasi karena kondisi lingkungan yang sangat berubah.

Mengubah parameter dan konfigurasi splicer hanya dimungkinkan melalui antarmuka Bluetooth dengan aplikasi khusus di Android / IPhone.

Product replaces: AI-7


Fiber optic type:
  • Multi-Mode (MM) – G.651,
  • Single-Mode (SM) – G.652 & G.657,
  • Single-Mode (DS / NZDS) Non-Zero Dispersion Shifted Fiber (G.655)
Cladding diameter:80  … 150 µm
Outer coating diameter:0.1  … 1 mm
Fiber cleaved length:16 mm
Orientation technology:core alignment, cladding alignment
Display:5.1 ” LCD, 800 x 480 px
Image: display X and Y axis simultaneously
Average fusion loss:0.01 dB (MM)
0.025 dB (SM)
0.04 dB DS / NZDS
Average fusion time:6 s
Average heat time:15 s
Fusion programs:(factory applications) + (user applications)
Internal light:Yes
Internal heater:Yes
Set fusions parameters:
  • Surface angle test
  • fiber forward
  • prefuse power
  • prefuse time
  • arc power
  • arc time, etc
Fusion storage:Yes
Mechanical strength test:2 N
Computer interface:USB 2.0 – Possibility to charge smartphones
Power supply:13.5 V DC / 4 A (power adapter included)
Battery power supply:11 V DC Li-Ion battery, 7800 mAh
Electrodes lifetime:~ 3000 fusions
Operation temp:-15 °C … 50 °C
Permissible relative humidity:< 95 % (non-condensing)
Weight:2.07 kg
Dimensions:197  x 143  x 125 mm
Guarantee:1 years